Our Vison

One day we dreamed of an object that would improve people’s lives, then the passion managed to create it ……. We will continue …. so!…..

To ask for help

Hidden key Need help in case of

To start an automation

Sikuro is directly integrated in a Universal open-gate Remote control that can handle up to 3 different automations.


Sikuro can identify the codes of the majority of the remote controls on the market, both with fix code or Rolling code.


Sikuro uses the most advanced radio functions to let you associate up to 3 remote controls, even working at different frequences.

Side Keys to activate an automation

Sikuro sends an SOS message and your position to all the pre- selected people

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Our Mission

Sikuro Srl is born to create products that improve people’s lives. We believe that constant technological innovation must give wellbeing to society, especially in terms of safety and practicality. The people we work with identify themselves through courage, intellectual curiosity and a sense of belonging. We will put entrepreneurship, efficiency and Italian creativity at the service of all this, to never cease to amaze you.

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